How does it work


Rent A Bob takes you home safely in your own car! The best designated driver service of the Randstad region! 

Our service is perfect when you've had a couple of drinks and want to get home by car, but are no longer allowed to drive yourself. Instead of taking a cab and leaving your car behind, you will have your own car at hand again the next day!

Rates and opening hours


Rent A Bob is open seven days a week.

On Saturdays and Sundays, we answer our phone up to 30 minutes before closing time.

You can order or book our service up to one hour before closing time.

Please take an arrival time of 45-60 minutes into consideration.


Service area


Rent A Bob takes you home safely in your own car! The only (last minute) designated driver service of the Randstad region! 

Payment through Park-line

You can easily pay for Rent A Bob service through your Park-Line membership. You won't need cash!

Rent A Bob clients can benefit from the cooperation between Rent A Bob and Park-Line by registering through this link. Park-Line charges NO REGISTRATION FEE, saving you 10,00 euro.

Online reservation


Through this form you can order a driver at Rent A Bob. 

Important to know: 

* Need a driver last minute? Please call us at 0850443777
* Online reservations are always subject to availability

Subscribe - private

When you register at Rent A Bob, we will be able to serve you better and faster when you call us. 

You will also receive a free keychain. This special (hard metal) keychain comes with a unique number which is linked to your data. So when you lose your keys and the finder calls Rent A Bob, we’ll be able to return your precious items to you. 



Through your company it’s possible to use a corporate account with one or more persons. The rides will be billed afterwards and collected automatically.
Your benefits: 
Billing afterwards;
Automatic collection;
Diver services are deductible;
Company discounts with multiple users;
Lost & Found key chain for all users